Comfort for dogs and joy of easiness for keepers

As we planned the doghouse the most important thing was that taking care of the dogs must be as easy and simple as possible conserning all kind of dogs and different needs.

  • Loose rooms.
  • No falling water- or foodcups in the cages.
  • Core temperature and possibility to put it down or up depending dogs needs in separate spaces. For example temperature is higher in breeding space and for short furry dogs in winter (about +17...+20 degrees) and other spaces around +15 degrees. The house has air-conditioning with warmth recovery system and separate cooling with air heat pump.
  • Both outdoor and indoorcages stay cleaner because of the concrete infused floor outside which is easy to clean up.
  • With the floorwarming system the indoor floors stay dry.
  • The enclosures are covered - the snow, rain and straight sunlight are not a problem. 
  • The indoor enclosures solid separation walls are concrete and tiled for easy cleaning.
  • Separate cleaning and nursering place for dogs.
  • Both out and indoor enclosures are limited with metalnets. Eyecontact with other dogs can be avoided if necessary. 
  • The sight to breedingspace is hampered with solid wall. 
  • The dogs are kept inside for the night (from 10 pm to 7-8 am)  to prevent unnecessary disturbance to neigbours and tourists at the area. 

Look the scetch here